Building a people  first job market to help people and companies thrive in the post-pandemic era

People first. Always. 
Mission impossible? Not for Crowth!

Crowth! is more than any job-searching solution you’ve ever seen. Crowth! is an ambitious tech start-up with a huge mission: to tackle disruption in the job market caused by Artificial Intelligence/COVID-19 to help people and companies thrive in the next decades. 

Creativity, the ability to innovate and care about others are placing human capital in the spotlight, but that’s only half the story. Covid-19 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are disrupting the fabric of society. The companies and people that survive are those that continue to adapt, upskill and keep an open mind. 


Crowth! is all about HUMANITY. Human compassion, human capital, human collaboration – it all leads to one place. We at Crowth! believe in the power of human relationships when it comes to moving ahead. We're empowering everyone to be expressive and authentic about who they and their job preferences truly are and making it easy for people to help each other find jobs and talent. We're bringing agility, empathy, transparency, and collaboration to job and talent searching. 

We aim to build a PEOPLE FIRST job market in the post-pandemic era. We truly hope that the CROWTH spirit will echo through to every other part of life too, but for now, we’re starting by revolutionizing – truly revolutionizing – the job searching process.


The new way of finding jobs, talent and changing careers through the help of people 

Human Compassion, Human Capital,
Human Collaboration. We're all about humanity

Crowth is a peer-to-peer job searching app that gives job-seekers, hiring managers, and talent attractors (AKA Crowthers!) the chance to find job opportunities/candidates for themselves and their networks or change careers faster, easier, and more seamlessly than ever.


Everybody is incentivized to act as a Crowther! and help their network and local communities find jobs and talent and be rewarded and rated for it. Support the social causes you really really care about like ‘Black Lives Matter’, 'Your Furloughed Communities' or the reality of 'Climate Change'! Help find GREAT jobs and new futures or the best TALENT to help tackle these societal problems.

Think of CROWTH as ‘Uber for Job Searching’ – we built it from the ground up as a people-first job and talent searching solution to empower everyone to have better careers and futureproof the careers of everyone involved as job-seekers and team leaders. You can also earn money and build your circle of influence. 


If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we can be thrown out of our comfort zones in the blink of an eye – which is why we need to work together. Together, we can reward and be rewarded – build futureproof careers – and reimagine what it means to live and work in the new world.