Start finding the best and most diverse talent for your teams through your hiring managers and company's advocates. Specially designed for the post-COVID world 

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A network of advocates, for your hiring managers and your company's needs

Attract and get diverse and unreachable talent

Boost your employee branding by building a network of advocates for your company

Turn everyone into your hiring managers and company’s advocates and impulse your company’s branding from the inside. Start developing the new source of competitive advantage. Promote your branding directly in the job ads showing what exactly what you want!

Reduce the risk of bad hire risk through common connections

Bring communities and friends from OUTSIDE your network INTO your inner-circle and reach the best talent across THE WORLD by having everyone in your network involved. Go beyond limits and attract and get top talent.


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Filter and rate all your candidates in one place

Hire Top Talent

Interview and hire diverse candidates with more insight from themselves and common connections

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Pay only for success

Pay only for succesful referrals (from as little as £300). Everyone has access and everyone is incentivized to act as a talent attractor (AKA Crowther!) to help you find high-quality talent in less than 30 days! 

Reduce bad hire risk! Make sure you get the best talent by getting extra insight into the potential candidates and understanding exactly what they want through themselves and through everyone involved, from friends to work colleagues. Know what really matters to them and meet everyone's expectations 

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